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Restaurant "Expedition. Northern Cuisine"

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This type of cuisine was born in the Russian North - the most ecologically friendly area of Russia, stretching from the Arctic Circle,where the lower reaches of the mighty rivers flow into the Arctic Ocean: Obi, Lena, Yenisei, Irtysh.

Cultured dishes of the restaurant

Фотография "Северный бот" ассорти закусок из рыбы с/с - меню ресторана "Экспедиция"

“Northern boat”

Ассорти из рыбы с/с
Фотография "Олуктэ" ассорти закусок из дичи - меню ресторана "Экспедиция"


Ассорти закусок из дичи
Фотография "Батагайсткая закуска" холодец из лося - меню ресторана "Экспедиция"

“Batagai starter”

Холодец из лося

“Fish Stringer”

Рыбное ассорти

“Game bag”

Мясное ассорти
ФОтография "Камчадал" камчатский краб и морской гребешок - меню ресторана "Экспедиция"


Камчатский краб и морской гребешок

photos of the restaurant

Фотографии основной зал - интерьер ресторана "Экспедиция"Фотографии основной зал - интерьер ресторана "Экспедиция"

The major room

The evergreen pines make you feel in the middle of the wild taiga forests while the mountain river runs under the glass floor, and the logs splutter in the fireplace nearby the “forest edge” where the polar helicopter mi-2 is displayed. Every night our musicians play and sing bard songs for you, because without guitars and melodies it hard to imagine the retreat for a russian soul.

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Corner of the Russian north in the center of Moscow

Restaurant "expedition"

North cuisine

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Bath "Expedition"

Siberian baths in the center of the capital

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Store of the Expedition "Taiga Zimovye"

Taste of wild nature

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Shop Expedition "Factory"

Crossroads of the worlds

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Moscow, Pevcheskiy pereulok 6
metro: Kitai-Gorod
Tel: +7(495) 775-60-75

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